Key facts:

FB has 1.590.000.000 daily active users on Facebook on average for June 2019.

Instagram has 600.000.000 users and 150.000.000 active daily users.

Think in terms of shareability

SMM gives people and companies the power to create their ideal image. As well as in marketing, you should keep in mind that individuals posts represent something greater. Companies use social networks to broad minds about brands. Because of that, your audience needs to connect with your content on a personal level.

After creating a piece of content, D2M team wonders, if we would share it on our social media profiles. If we are not passionate while creating it, it’s possible that our audience will not be either. In this case, we strive to imply a human touch in all our campaigns to evoke emotions.

Take your audience backstage

Relying on the third parties for media coverage is the past. Social media has enabled companies to communicate with their audience at a click of the button, giving them a full control over their messaging.

Your audience know where to find you, and how to get useful information presented in such a way to attract them to your brand in the best possible way. Taking in consideration all the above, it is extremely important to present your brand from your point of view to the community on social media and give them the authentic experience as well.

Give the audience something to react to

It’s no surprise that the most successful social media content is full of elements that evoke strong emotions. People want to share the content they feel connected to, so their network can join in on the experience.

Don’t forget that the emotions you strip up on the social media should be aligned to the image and values of your brand. Our team is always thinking about making interaction between your public as far as your products and services are concerned. What does your public feel about it? Do they feel happiness, excitement or joy? We write down those emotions for inspiration and we treasure a way to intensify these reactions through social media content.

Adding practical value to your content

In order to stand out from other social media, the content should provide the value to your audience.

People want to learn new things and are interested in getting quick tips which will help them make a better use of your product or service. Although it can be challenging to make such content practical, it is the most rewarding. This type of content tends to be shared more because people feel good when they provide their network with something beneficial.

D2M see this as a chance to get creative!